Hello there! I'm Denise, a photographer with an affinity for anything smothered in Chocolate. Seriously, though, that stuff is so good. 

Let me tell you a little about myself. As you may have guessed, I'm a photographer. I'm the sole owner of "Denise Mason Photography," which I founded in 2008.  Before Photography I used to be a flight attendant for Air Jamaica. I actually did it for 14 years and durig my time there Photography found me.  Best thing to ever happen in my life.

But enough about me.  let me tell you a little more about my photography.


Denise Mason Photography is built on the principles of taking quality photographs.  I aim to tell the story of your day through my images.  To capture all the tiny details as well as the key moments.  I see things differently and I share this view with you. 

My style is unobtrusive and informal - I'm happy to step up to the mark and organize people where necessary, but for majority of the time I blend into the background and try to go unnoticed.  

My approach is a contemporary fusion of traditional and photojournalistic styles. I'm energetic, easy going and I love capturing images from unique perspectives. It is a real honor to capture one of the most important days of someones life.  I absolutely have fun doing what I love.  

My images are timeless and will help to keep the memories of your day fresh for generations to come.

I've never outsource any of my post production - all of my work is carefully hand-edited in my Montego Bay base home studio. 


I’d love to chat with you about your plans. I invite you to view more of our work to discover whether our brand of bold and natural editorial work would compliment your wedding celebration.

Feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or call (1876-776-4213) to discuss having Denise Mason photography make your moments memorable.

Book your experienced wedding photographer today!!

Denise Mason