Denise Mason Photography | & They Lived Happily Ever After

& They Lived Happily Ever After

January 19, 2017  •  2 Comments

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Kira & Adrian

Getting Ready: Hilton Rosheall

Ceremony & Reception:  Bellefield Great House

Wedding Planner: Stacie Simpson

Hair:  Kira (Bride)

Makeup:  Maleeka Williams 

Dress:  Bridal Garden

Tuxes/Suits:  Duke Tailor of Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Bride Shoes:  Michael Kors

Rings:  Brilliant Earth

Flowers:  Monica Nicole Designs

Lighting & Music:  Elite Media Concepts

Catering:  Bellefield Great House

Wedding Cake:  Cakes by Noida

Decor:  Bellefield Great House & Monica Nicole Designs

Invitations:  Serendipity Beyond Designs

Lead Photographer:  Denise Mason

Asssit Photographer:  G. Berry

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Hello. Me and my fiancé would like to get married when we take our family vacation in Jamaica this year. Just me him and our two kids. I want a quote. I dont have much info about the wedding since its going to be just us four and i dont see much advertisement with small weddings
Kathy Simpson(non-registered)
The wedding was beautiful. I had a wonderful time. Denise capture every beautiful moment.
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